Email marketing is critical for rapid business growth.

But Email Marketing can be difficult to implement as a business tool

It’s just really hard to know where to start….or to start AGAIN. Especially if you have NEVER done it or if you have done it and it wasn’t as successful.

A Smart Insights survey revealed that less than 60% of businesses actually felt that their campaigns were successful.

To answer that question truthfully, we would need to ask other questions like…

Are Emails Still Being Sent?

InternetLivestats calculate over 200 Billion emails are sent EVERY SINGLE DAY! – that’s crazy, right?

Do people still read email?…Do you still read email?

According to Inc. Magazine, email is being read -while on the phone: (43%); while watching TV: (70%); during meetings: (51%); while in bed: (60%); while on vacation: (50%)…aaaand when using the toilet: (42%).

So we’ve established that email is still a “thing”. AND people (even you) are still reading emails…so what now?

We get back in there and face the email marketing challenges. The end.

No? Ok yes, there seems like there are a million things to do…

there’s choosing a platform or loving the one you’re with….

setting campaign goals because what is it all for?…

creating an email series – one for new subscribers, one for the new program etc,…..

scheduling when emails will get delivered and to which segment of your list…

oh my! I almost forgot the list…

do you need to grow it? clean it? segment it?…SELL TO IT….


And, no worries!

Why? Because when you work with me, you get help with it all.

We can have a quick call to talk about your business and your email marketing goals….(schedule here)…Totally FREE 🙂

If I find that you are a great fit (prequalify here)…we’ll schedule our first planning session…

After our first planning session, depending upon what kind of campaign you need, you should have live emails in 5 to 7 days. Simple!

Let’s Get Started On Your Email Campaign Today!

April (Elle) is a copywriter specializing in information sales and marketing. In her past life, she was an IT project manager. What she has learned from all of her life experiences is that there is never anything stopping anyone from being great besides their mindset. Which is why she is on a mission to help coaches, consultants, and trainers reach more people. We can change one mind at a time so that we can make this world a better place. As a mom of 5, she is always busy being a protector, a friend, and a mentor. She brings this same care and love to her work with clients.